Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Melting in the Phoenix sun.

We just got back from a little trip to Phoenix, AZ.  
The great thing about flying from Burbank to Phoenix is the hour and fifteen minute flight. The down side (in my opinion) is not being able to bring back all the goodies I wanted to get...like the extra large Bull's skull or giant Talavera pot!

Our next planned trip to the great state of Arizona will have to be a road trip through Phoenix, Flagstaff and a drive up to Utah's Zion National Park via the Grand Canyon. Well, that is what we came up with on the flight back home. 

Never dull when you are paired up with an adventurous beau!
 Above and Below: The Saguaro hotel in Oldtown, Scottsdale.

 Below: The Lobby of The Saguaro hotel.
 Below: Dream catcher I had to bring home with me. 

 Above and Below: Sugar skulls are still so in.
 Below: Mini Cowboy boots for my garden.
Below: The skeleton of the Saguaro cactus, I want one for my garden.
Rock and Roll AZ!

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