Monday, May 12, 2014

Peace, Love and Teepees!

I know it's a bit early to be thinking about Christmas presents, and this year, I'm getting organized. 

We have four (ages 8, 6, and two 5 year olds) of the sweetest little girls to get presents for each year and as they get older it gets harder and harder. I try and keep up with the fads and 'cool' things youngsters are into, but it changes so often. Besides that, we're supposed to be the 'cool Aunt and Uncle' so that pressure is on as well.

I like to think back to my younger days and how I loved making 'cubby houses' or 'play houses'. You know, the ones where you build a cozy fort made out of bed sheets and chairs, tables, whatever you had on hand.

I've found something awesome...

TEEPEES! Decorated and styled in a modern and fun way for the chic youngster. It can become a permanent fixture in a kids bedroom, play room or you could bring the fun outside and spend a lazy afternoon with a book or have a picnic. 

Take a look at these teepees ideas below and a D.I.Y. teepee pattern.

 Below: Land of the Nod Teepee for $159, two other colors available.

(I think I will try this DIY out in the summer) 

Get outta town with how cute this is.

Rock and Rollin' in Teepees!

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