Thursday, May 1, 2014

Color Machine!

Lately I've been looking into colors for a new project.  My senses tell me to steer towards blue and lately our choices for color have been more towards shades of blue and green, hence the 'Sea foam' rocker chair we have on order.

A splash or splashes of color in a room doesn't have to mean a rainbow exploded in your room. You can add color with your own decor choices such as a rug, vases, shelves, artwork, chairs, table, blankets or throws...etc 

Below are examples of color combinations and charts that can help with determining your color pallet or range.

Below: Color pallets from Design Seeds


Color plays an important role to help separate rooms and spaces. They also adjust the mood and evoke emotions. 
According to fengshuiandbeyond, below are examples of what some colors represent:
  • Red is stimulating, passionate, exciting and powerful.
  • Orange is active, cheerful and sociable.
  • Yellow is happy, uplifting and warm.
  • Green is calming, balancing and healing.
  • Blue is calming, soothing and relaxing.
  • Purple is soothing and calming.
  • Black represents power and elegance.
  • White represents clarity, innocence, cleanliness, spirituality and hope. 
  • Grey is neutral, calm and quiet.
  • Brown is grounding, motherly and comfortable.
  • Pink is sedating and calming.
I don't believe that you have to live by the book and stick to what a color chart or guide tells you. They are great and useful to keep you grounded and on track. Besides, it's your own personal preference and judgment call as to what looks good to you!

Below are some tasteful & creative uses of color that inspire!

Rock & Roller!

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