Friday, April 25, 2014

A Wolf in Sheepskin clothing.

I just love my sheepskin! 

Sheepskin is such a versatile decor item, effortlessly styles and accents a room by simply being in it.

You can find a great pelt from Ikea, but if you want to get something a little more special; rug and animal skin specialists or your designer furniture store will have a choice of hides for your decor desire. Remember to go as plush as possible!

Your 'skin' can be used to protect your furniture (like the arm rest on your couch), spruce up a chair's look and provide extra padding, cushion your step by your bedside, in the nursery, seat top for a bench or provide that extra bit of warmth. Use sheepskin any way you want, get creative, you really can't make too much of a mistake with this piece.

Some of my favorite ways to use sheepskin.

 Above & Below: Sheepskin providing that extra cushion on seating.

Above: Sheepskin in your kitchen.
Below: Sheepskin in your bedroom.

 Above: Sheepskin to the side.
Below: Sheepskin on your lounger.

 Above:Sheepskin country.
Below: Sheepskin Modern.

Above: Sheepskin Boho.
Below: Sheepskin Southwestern. 

 Above: Sheepskin Vogue.
Below: Sheepskin kids.

 Above: Sheepskin in the Nursery.
Below: Sheepskin in the bathroom.

 Above & Below: Sheepskin is inviting and cozy! 

Authors note: If you live in a country rich in farming like Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe...The pelts there are plush and luxurious for a decent price! 

Rock and Roll Sheep!

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