Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Madonna Inn

If you plan on a road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco, there's a place you need to stop by, check out, have lunch or stay. 
Around the half-way point in San Luis Obispo, California, on the 101 Highway is an amazing destination called the Madonna Inn. You can't miss it, as it sits on a 1000 acre property, just below the Madonna Mountain. 

The Madonna Inn is reminiscent of an old wild west bordello, and is the home to 110 uniquely decorated rooms with their own color and theme. I'm not talking about kitschy, I'm talking EXTREMELY kitschy. With rooms named Barrel of Fun, Cayucos Queen, Gypsy Rock, Morning Star, Oriental Fantasy, Pick & Shovel or the ever so popular Caveman room, will make your visit one to remember.

Some rooms feature Rock showers, Rock fire places, spiral staircases, even the Madonna's prized pet Buffalo has his own dedicated room. 

Huge boulders and rocks form most of the building's structure, these rocks were from the construction of the surrounding area. Custom made lead glass windows adorn the sills of the Inn creating timeless masterpieces reflecting the Madonna's enterprises of construction, lumber and cattle.

Needless to say the Madonna Inn is one of my favorite places to visit.  
The Copper Cafe and Madonna bakery serve up tasty treats for the wayward traveller, and if you want a serious meal head for the Gold Rush Steak House. 
Roaming the gift shops never hurt, and with each visit, my collection of their specialty goblets is slowly growing in size. Did I even mention Pink? Pink, is the signature color of this place. From the color of their cakes to the complementary lotion in your room, Pink!  You really have to see this place in person.

But to hold you over for now, are some eye candy pics of The Madonna Inn. 

The Lobby.
A glorious pool, with an equally spectacular view.
The interior of the Gold Rush steak house.
The Bar.
Pink Tennis and Basketball courts!
The Traveler's Suite #157
Rock Bottom #143
Tack room #195
Yosemite Rock #130
Old Mill #206
The Madonna Suite #141
Jungle Rock #139
The Buffalo Room #205
Espana #194
Hearts & Flowers #155
Austrian Suite #160
Safari Room #193
Love Nest #183
Yahoo #132
The Caveman Room #137
Fox & Hound #107
Carin #218
Just Heaven #184
  Rock and Roll Madonna!

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