Sunday, April 20, 2014

Planter crazy!

Since I have a decent collection of house plants.  I need to find a great way to show them off!

Recently we got an original 1950's fiberglass bullet planter on an iron rod stand (pictured below).

Such a great statement piece.  I've been seeing them around lately and can easily go for over $300 a pop.

I've become quite picky and have been settling with placing my plants in generic pots until I find the perfect planters. 

Here are some inspirational items.

(I wanted to use the above planter as a fruit bowl. Until I found out it was 15 inches in diameter. Thats a lot of fruit!) Still pretty lovely. $98 for the stand and $290 for the bowl from Architectural Pottery. 

Nicely arranged and stunning plants!

Organized chaos! looks amazing.

Above and Below: I was trying to find out more about these plant stands, but the site wasn't working.  These could possibly be a great DIY project.  

UPDATE: I found the link to above picture Pot steps and below Plant Shelf...

Above: I love this! From Danger Garden blog.  

Rock and Roll gardening!

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