Sunday, April 20, 2014

Everyday is Mother's Day!

Mum, Mom, Mummy, Mother, Mam, Mama, Mammy, Mumsie, Ma, Momma, Madre, Mutter... No matter what you call her it's her day 

Sunday May 11th, 2014.

Some tips when picking out the perfect gift for the woman who raised you or is raising your offspring.
  • Start early, you know what it's like during Christmas. And you don't want to be disappointed if what you had in mind is sold out!
  • Write a card to go with the gift. If you are just giving a card write a message from your heart, that should just be a given. (*Mother’s Day is the third-largest card-sending holiday in the United States, with 133 million cards exchanged annually). 
  • Find something personal, practical and useful, 'Special' doesn't mean 'On Special', and you don't want to see your gift just lying in a drawer.
  • If you're ordering online make sure you know when the expected arrival date is. Especially on a made-to-order gift like monogrammed items. Monogramming is pretty much available at any great store, you just have to ask.
  • Florists love when you call ahead and place orders. You'll end up getting first served and have a better choice with your arrangements.
  • If you're pretty artsy make something. You could also print a photo and have it framed.  Everything is so digital, it would be a nice change to get a hard copy of a photograph.
The best gift isn't always the most expensive. Make your choice personal and keep her in mind! You don't want to end up giving her a Homer gift! 

Every lady likes flowers.

Pendleton blankets, they last forever! Check out the National Parks collection. 

Goyard!  You can get them personalized, great range of colors and suit any style!
I was given a Tempur-pedic Cloud and loved it so much, I got one for my Dad on Father's Day. He told me my Mum claimed it, so this product is Mum approved! 
McQ Mini Swallow wrap bracelet.

 Case Study planters. For the mod Mom!

Anything framed! Most stores have great frames to choose from and if it's not going to be hanging in your home choose one that will suit your Mother's taste.

*Source: Hallmark Corporate

Keep on Rockin'!!

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