Monday, April 21, 2014

Lounge Lizzzard.

Hanging out outside doesn't just mean you need to settle for faded or rusty deck chairs. 
You don't need a huge yard or enormous deck, create something comfortable with what you have, size does not matter.

Why not go out (doors) in style? 
We spend so much of our time making the inside of our home look good, how 'bout keeping that ball rolling?

This doesn't mean spending an exuberant mount on patio furnishings. Below are some inspirational options that don't break the piggy bank. 

Key things to remember with outdoor decor:
  • Bright colors - If you are conservative indoors let your wild child out!
  • Incorporate your natural settings - water features, rocks, pools, trees, shrubs. Work with what is already there. 
  • Space - Be mindful of how much you want to use. Measure your space before jumping into a 5 piece lounge set. If you're not catering for an army, stick to small comfortable seating.  Love chairs are a great statement piece and can fit 2 (or 3 small) butts.
  • Balconies - They are a blessing in disguise. Keep the balcony as your own little outdoors escape and not just a storage spot in your home. 
  • If you don't have an out door area, make some room by a bright window and polish off with house plants.
  • Paint! Re-vamp and update your current decor with a couple of coats of paint. This would be a fun activity to do with the family. Then spray a sealant to protect your work. 

Below are some outdoor spaces and furnishings that will hopefully inspire you.

Above: Hans Wegner Hoop Chairs.  Ok more on the pricier side, but so stylish and beautiful.
Below: The use of color fresh, vibrant and inviting.
Above: I love the use of different wood combinations. Decks like these are easy to style and decorate.
Below: Patios designed to become an extension of your living area are a great way to enjoy the different elements; 
rain, hail or shine.
 Below: A fun way to update your balcony area with colors and eclectic modern decor.
The string lights are a great addition, along with the mosquito netting.

 Above and Below: Making use of the space you have. If you don't have a balcony, porch or yard (living in NY you don't have much of a choice), you can definitely bring a little sunshine and fresh air indoors. 

Outdoor Furnishings can really make or break your setting. So choose wisely. Here are some pieces to help elevate your style. 
 Above: Son of a Bench $1399 from Blu Dot (NY,LA,SF & Sydney)
 Blu Dot Mesh chairs $119 each

 Above: Dot & bo Sunburst Hoop Lounge Chair $350 - $400
Below: CB2 Acapulco Lounge Chair $229 - $249

 Above: Target, Threshold Holmquist 4 piece patio sling chair set $159 (sale)
Below: Target, Threshold Bryant Faux wood picnic table $269 (sale)

Rock and Roll lounging!

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