Friday, May 9, 2014

D.I.Y. Nailed it!

In my previous post Planter crazy! I showed various ways to display your beloved plants. 

While I was doing my search on planters, I stumbled upon this DIY Planter on A Beautiful Mess blog.

So I did it... and here are my results!

 Above: A trip to Anawalt Lumber. They had perfectly cut circular pieces of pine ply wood.
Below: Grabbing project supplies and a Whole Foods stop for some body fuel! 

 Above: I followed the DIY instructions for the most part. Simply put you can do whatever you want and use any color choices you like. Like baking a cake!
Below: Getting ready to sand

 Above: Mid-sand
Below: Still sanding...

 Above: Naphtha** was not included in the DIY instructions, but its great for getting all the small shards of wood dust before painting or staining...Wear GLOVES when using this, it's a chemical! 
**This is when the boyfriend insisted I use Naphtha, he uses this stuff to get particles off his guitars before coating them.
Below: setting up for the staining process, I used 'Gunstock' as my choice of color.

 Above: I did 5 layers of stain. It was a timely process, but well worth the results. Remember to apply thin coats each time.
Below: FINISHED! I did 3 coats of White on the circular pieces, again, I didn't rush this process. 
 Below: Love it! The painting, staining, and waiting for things to dry was a huge time factor.
A great weekend project, it won't be done immediately, but well worth the patience. I would totally do it again!

Rock and Roll D.I.Y!

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